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The mobile experts.

We build only native Android apps, because quality matters.

100% Kotlin

Android Studio, ConstraintLayout and Kotlin go a long way. See how long.

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Experienced professionals

With decades of experience, we bring a can-do attitude to our sessions.

Android Technologies

The Basics

Learn how to build basic Android apps with Android Studio and the Android Emulator.

Android Architecture Components

MVVM is now the recommended architecture for building Android apps.

Kotlin Coroutines

RxJava is now not as widely used. Switch to Coroutines with LiveData.

ViewModel and LiveData

Performant apps utilize Google's ViewModel and LiveData.

MVVM Architecture

Performant apps utilize Google's ViewModel and LiveData.

RecyclerView & ListAdapter

Display lists the easy way with a RecyclerView.

Room Database

Allow the user to view data on a phone even without internet.

Why Fine Point Mobile?

Founded by Daniel Malone

Having been a software engineer for nearly two decades, Daniel provides the training needed to excell in Android app development.

Training in Austin, Texas

Headquartered in Austin

Daniel Malone lives in downtown Austin, Texas, a short distance from the Capitol. Having lived here his whole life, Daniel loves vising local vegan restaurants. Ironically, he lives next to Franklin's BBQ, a local joint know for juicy meats and beef.


With online video tutorials it can be hard to learn. Get the hands-on guidance you need to succeed and become an Android Engineer.

Android App Developers

It's never been a better time to become an Android Developer. Whether you want to create your first app, update an existing app to Material Design, or use Test-Driven Development, Fine Point Mobile provides quality training.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States, Fine Point Mobile produces video tutorials that help you grow your career. Starting out as a YouTube Channel, Fine Point Mobile is now training 300,000 developers through tutorials.

What type of videos do you produce?

After creating multiple Google Play Store apps, Daniel Malone decided to help others learn Android Developer skills. Fine Point Mobile produces videos on Android Architecture Components, RxJava, ConstraintLayout, Kotlin, XML and advanced layouts, best practices, Test-Driven Development, and more. Never run out of videos to watch.

What can I expect to learn?

Need a place to start? Start with our Android Beginner's series, which walks you through creating your first Android app. Afterwards, continue learning Kotlin (instead of Java).

What is Material Design?

Google is well-know for it's simple, clean, and flat design. Material Design is a standard for how apps should look, behave and function. Floating Action Buttons, Navigation Drawers and Card are all easily recognizable standards for Android apps.

See a Free Preview on YouTube

View some of Daniel's tutorials to see how much you can learn.

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Tutorial Topics

  • Android Architecture Components
  • SharedPreferences
  • Room Database
  • Navigation Components
  • Firebase
  • Cloud Functions APIs
  • ViewModel & LiveData

Apps You Could Build

  • Social Media App
  • Ecommerce App
  • Chat Messaging App
  • GPS Tracker App
  • Field Services App
  • Dating App
  • Note-Taking App

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Do you want to set up a brief phone consultation? Call Daniel's mobile at 512-656-2168 or connect on LinkedIn.

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