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Android Tutorial: How to Style All Buttons Automatically

Your app should have a consistent look and feel. Styling Buttons to spec across your Android app is important. Learn how you can apply a default styling to all Buttons in this Android development tutorial.

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Android and RxJava: Getting Started

RxJava is a beast to learn, but it can be useful in just about any type of Android app. Today, let’s get started with RxJava basics, and how we can use it to build a simple app.

Android SharedPreferences Tutorial in Kotlin

Saving data across app launches and terminations is easy. SharedPreferences is good for storing small amounts of data, such as a username (String) and password (String).

Android Architecture Components Tutorial: ViewModel + LiveData

Use Kotlin to build a basic Android app using Android Architecture Components. As part of Jetpack, LiveData and ViewModel support a MVVM app architecture.